San Tiburcio

San Tiburcio
413' x 53.4' x 31.1'
GRT: 5,995
Cause: Mine
Date: 04/05/1940
Location: Moray Firth
Depth: 31m


The Eagle Oil tanker San Tiburcio was built in 1921 and chartered by The Ministry of War in 1940. She set off from Scapa Flow bound for Invergordon with a cargo of 2193 tons of fuel oil and 12 aeroplane floats. She ran into a mine laid by U9 three months earlier and broke her back splitting into two sections. The vessel remained afloat for 45 minutes, long enough to allow all the crew to abandon ship safely.The 2 sectiosn of the wreck lie only 30 metres apart and from time to time are linked by a rope.

The history, sinking and dive details of the San Tiburcio are described in much greater detail in the book Dive Scotland's Greatest Shipwrecks.