264' x 42' x 21.2'
GRT: 3,500
Cause: Grounding
Date: 25/01/1935
Location: Sound of Mull
Depth: 50m


The dry cargo ship tramp ship Rondo set off from Glasgo bound for Dunstan in Northumberland in January 1935. there she would pick up her cargo bound for Oslo. She wasscheduled to pass up the west coast of Scotland round the North of Scotland before heading south down the east coast for north east England. On her way, due to a terrible storm she was forced to take shelter near Tobemory at the north end of the Sound. The strom tore her from her moorings and she drifted before the wind, powerless, down the Sound to run aground on a shalloow reef running out from a small rocky island. She was declared a total loss by her insurers and salvage operations started on her to strip her down. Before they could be finished another storm drove her scavenged remains off the reef and she plunged over a near vertical underwater cliff and came to rest standing in 50msw on her bows against the cliff. Her uppermost stern and rudder are just a few metres beneath the surface. She is one of th emost incredible dives in Scotland.

The history, sinking and dive details of the Rondo are described in much greater detail in the book Dive Scotland's Greatest Shipwrecks.