MV Akka

MV Akka

Dimensions: 442'x56'x25'
GRT: 5,409
Cause: Ran Aground
Date: 4/09/1956
Location: Firth of Clyde off Dunoon
Depth: 30-40m

 The mighty 5409gt. wreck of the Swedish motor vessel Akka is the largest diveable wreck in the Firth of Clyde today.  Built in Gothenburg in 1942 she saw service for 14 years until she cast off her mooring ropes at Oxelosound, on Sweden's eastern coast on the Baltic Sea and set off on 4 April 1956 for what was unknowingly her final journey.  Her holds were full with a cargo of iron ore bound for Glasgow.

After 5 days at sea on 9 April 1956 after an uneventful journey she was making way up the Firth of Clyde, journey's end was almost in sight.  At 9.26pm her Captain ordered a change of course to take her away from the Gantocks, a dangerous clump of rocks rising from a depth of 24 metres to break the surface about a mile south of Dunoon. 

It was immediately realised that theAkka responded very slowly to her rudder. Unable to steer his ship away from the Gantocks the Captain ordered her engines stopped. Her forward momentum however carried her onto the rocks.

Her hull was rent open for almost half her length.  Her engines were put astern however she soon developed a marked list, her hull rapidly flooding.  The crew abandoned ship safely into lifeboats and only 3 - 4 minutes after hitting the Gantocks she heeled over to port and with blasts of steam and a large explosion rocking her she slipped beneath the cold dark waters of the Clyde to her watery grave.

Her wreck now is largely intact and sits on an even keel on a sloping muddy seabed.  Her bows are in 30 msw, her stern in 40msw.

The history, sinking and dive details of the MV Akka are described in much greater detail in the book Dive Scotland's Greatest Shipwrecks