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13 December 2018. New unidentified Japanese WWII tug wreck in Truk Lagoon

Here's the link to my video tour on my YouTube channel of this newly located and as yet unidentified Imperial Japanese Navy WWII tug wreck off Weno.


Just back from a couple of weeks diving the famous Japanese WWII wreck at Truk Lagoon in the Pacific, the world's greatest collection of Japanese wartime shipwrecks. It has been quite a long time since a new WWII wreck was located in the lagoon, but I was priviledged to be taken out by Truk Stop Dive Centre

30 October 2018. Des épaves du monde

Just back from a long weekend in Orkney filming with a french TV company about the Scapa Flow wrecks for a documentary series on shipwrecks around the world. These guys were hard core - they did The Big Blue with Jean Reno and have worked on Titanic - much respect! 

16 October 2018. Shipwrecks of Scapa Flow chart available again

A few years ago I had a unique A1 size full colour chart of Scapa Flow professionally created by the artist who has created all my shipwreck illustrations for me over the years, not just in Scapa Flow but also in Truk, Palau etc. The Scapa shipwreck illustrations were added to the chart in the correct locations with some text about the indivdual wrecks and the Scapa story as a whole. The resulting chart is stunning - and is currently on public display outside the Ferry Terminal in Stromness.

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19 Jan 2013. WWII lard cargo ashore at St Cyrus

It would appear that the big storm that almost demolished Stonehaven in December has dislodged some barrels of lard from the WWII wrecks of either the MS Taurus or SS Queensbury, which lie 3-5 miles offshore Gourdon. Some rock hard lumps of lard still with their barrel shape - but the wood long gone and now covered in barnacles - have been washed ashore at the north end of St Cyrus beach. 
In 1969 after a storm 200 tons of the lard came ashore as the wreck initially collapsed and lost its integrity - and periodically after that more barrels would come ashore after a storm. We haven't seen any since the early 1980's so it may be that the main superstructures of the Taurus have collapsed releasing barrels from Hold No 2 which ran under it. We'll dive it and have a look when the weather lets up. Back in the day, canny locals would scrape the rancid fat off and fry up with it - but they said you had to be careful as there was sometimes German bullets from straffing in it.

15 Feb 2013. Into the Abyss to be released as an e-book

Into the Abyss - Diving to Adventure in the Liquid World was my first non wreck manual book - it's a collection of stories of my experiences from early 1980's diving, through deep air and on to Open Circuit Trimix. It's a pre-cursor to The Darkness Below. Mainstream Publishing, Edinburgh (Random House group) have now scheduled it for release as an e-book on 15 February. It's got the Corryvreckan dive in it amongst other adventures :-)

Force Z Shipwrecks of the South China Sea

Launches of the new book in the Far East set for OZTeK, Sydney on 15/16 MArch 2013 and Asian Diver Exhibition (ADEX) at Singapore from 19-22 April.

12 December. Great British Shipwrecks - now published!

My latest book Great British Shipwrecks - A Personal Adventure was published yesterday. Copies are now en route to shops and online retailers.

16 Nov. Great British Shipwrecks - A Personal Adventure

Book now set and proofed - looking great. Should be released in a few weeks time - in time for Xmas!

5 Nov. Orca's back in Scapa Flow

We had Orca's last summer in Scapa Flow. Just seen photos of a pod back in Scapa Flow this week.

New Dive Book Series - Invitations to be published

My publishers, Whittles have just appointed me as Series Editor for a new series of books in a standard format about diving related topics. Can be anything to do with diving, sport diving, tek diving, shipwrecks, photography and general nautical historical stuff. My role will be to promote the series, invite applications from people wanting to be published, screen them and then edit the manuscripts in due course. The Series will be promoted further once I get free from my commitments to my current books, Great British Shipwrecks and Force Z - but meantime, if there are any budding diving authors out there who want to be published, get in touch.

19 Sept. Books from Scotland Interview

Online author interview with Books from Scotland now live

10 Sept. New Shipwrecks of Scapa Flow chart goes on sale

The new Shipwrecks of Scapa Flow chart I've been working on for some time is now on sale via the Shop. This chart comes in A1 and A2 format and is designed to be grand in scale and ideal for framing. Trade enquiries welcome - more details in the Blog

11 Aug. Force Z Shipwrecks of the South China Sea - HMS Repulse & HMS Prince of Wales

New book deal signed with Whittles publishing for Force Z Shipwrecks of the South China Sea - HMS Repulse & HMS Prince of Wales. Just started writing it - but if all goes to plan it will be launched at the Australian Technical Diving Conference in Sydney in March - Oztek where I'll be presenting on both days.


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