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13 December 2018. New unidentified Japanese WWII tug wreck in Truk Lagoon

Here's the link to my video tour on my YouTube channel of this newly located and as yet unidentified Imperial Japanese Navy WWII tug wreck off Weno.


Just back from a couple of weeks diving the famous Japanese WWII wreck at Truk Lagoon in the Pacific, the world's greatest collection of Japanese wartime shipwrecks. It has been quite a long time since a new WWII wreck was located in the lagoon, but I was priviledged to be taken out by Truk Stop Dive Centre

30 October 2018. Des épaves du monde

Just back from a long weekend in Orkney filming with a french TV company about the Scapa Flow wrecks for a documentary series on shipwrecks around the world. These guys were hard core - they did The Big Blue with Jean Reno and have worked on Titanic - much respect! 

16 October 2018. Shipwrecks of Scapa Flow chart available again

A few years ago I had a unique A1 size full colour chart of Scapa Flow professionally created by the artist who has created all my shipwreck illustrations for me over the years, not just in Scapa Flow but also in Truk, Palau etc. The Scapa shipwreck illustrations were added to the chart in the correct locations with some text about the indivdual wrecks and the Scapa story as a whole. The resulting chart is stunning - and is currently on public display outside the Ferry Terminal in Stromness.

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Dive Truk Lagoon - new book deal

Delighted to announce a new book deal with my publishers, Whittles, for my next book Dive Truk Lagoon. Publication will be June/July 2014. The manuscript is now finished and we're working on wreck illustrations and the jacket. Underwater photography is by Ewan Rowell and Pete Mesley.

January 2014 -New speaker representation

Delighted to announce that I am now represented for corporate team building and motivational speaking events by Speakers Associates of London

OZTeK 2015

Delighted to be asked to present again at OZTeK2015 in Sydney - the world's largest Tek diving conference. Looking forward to it already!

16/17 November 013. Tekdive13 - Antwerp

Will soon be nipping over to Antwerp to present about the Force Z Shipwrecks of the South China Sea - HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Repulse on 16/17 November. Looking forward to it - kilt or no kilt being the only undecided question at the moment :-)

16 September - Force Z Shipwrecks of the South China Sea

The first print run sold out in 4 months after its launch at OZTeK, Sydney in March. The second print run is on the way

13 August 2013. British Diver review of Force Z

Fine review of Force Z now online at -z-shipwrecks-of-the-south-china-sea/

13 August 2013. Force Z Shipwrecks of the South China Sea

Since its release at OZTeK in March the Force Z book has been selling well in Australia and the USA. The first print run has sold out within four months and a second print run is now underway.

26 April 2013. The Darkness Below goes live as an e-book

Into the Abyss went live as an e-book in February 2013. The sequel The Darkness Below has gone live as an e-book with Amazon today and will shortly go live with Apple.

28 Feb. Into the Abyss - now out as an e-book.

Into the Abyss - Diving to Adventure in the Liquid World was released as an e-book on 15 february and is now widely available.

Sound of Mull Artificial Reef Project - Type 22 Frigate to be sunk

Great news for Scottish diving! The Sound of Mull Artificial Reef project SMART has just been accepted as a bidder for the next round of used warships disposals - Type 22 frigates. The idea is to buy and then sink a frigate in the Sound of Mull for divers - what a fantastic addition that will be to diving in the Sound - and it looks as though it's nearing becoming a reality :-)


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