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13 December 2018. New unidentified Japanese WWII tug wreck in Truk Lagoon

Here's the link to my video tour on my YouTube channel of this newly located and as yet unidentified Imperial Japanese Navy WWII tug wreck off Weno.


Just back from a couple of weeks diving the famous Japanese WWII wreck at Truk Lagoon in the Pacific, the world's greatest collection of Japanese wartime shipwrecks. It has been quite a long time since a new WWII wreck was located in the lagoon, but I was priviledged to be taken out by Truk Stop Dive Centre

30 October 2018. Des épaves du monde

Just back from a long weekend in Orkney filming with a french TV company about the Scapa Flow wrecks for a documentary series on shipwrecks around the world. These guys were hard core - they did The Big Blue with Jean Reno and have worked on Titanic - much respect! 

16 October 2018. Shipwrecks of Scapa Flow chart available again

A few years ago I had a unique A1 size full colour chart of Scapa Flow professionally created by the artist who has created all my shipwreck illustrations for me over the years, not just in Scapa Flow but also in Truk, Palau etc. The Scapa shipwreck illustrations were added to the chart in the correct locations with some text about the indivdual wrecks and the Scapa story as a whole. The resulting chart is stunning - and is currently on public display outside the Ferry Terminal in Stromness.

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29 October - Aquatron, Glasgow

Presentation being set up with Aquatron for 29 October in Glasgow. So dates are'

26 October. Aberdeen Watersport, Waterloo Quay. 6.30pm

29 October Aquatron, Glasgow. Time & Venue TBA

3 November. Deep Blue, Mercat Bar, Edinburgh. 7-8pm

3 November. Deep Blue, Edinburgh

The Darkness Below books will be printed and in my publisher's warehouse by 30 September. Speaking event being planned with Deep Blue, Edinburgh for 3 November at which books will be available for signing.

16 September. The Darkness Below - it's hotting up!

The Darkness Below is being printed this week for release on 30 September.

The Darkness Below - Aberdeen launch - 26 October 2011

Heads up - my publishers are setting up an Aberdeen launch of TDB for the evening of 26 october with my good friends at Aberdeen Watersports, 35 Waterloo Quay, Aberdeen. I'll do a Death by Powerpoint presentation followed by wine, nibbles and a signing. Will be a crackin night

SS Creemuir. 6 September

Noel Blacklock, the only surviving crewman from the sinking of the SS Creemuir in WWII has been up in Stonehaven to visit. I took him past the Seaman's Mission where he was accommodated when the survivors came ashore. Then I took him past Cove Bay where another ship in his convoy, SS Trebartha, ran aground after being bombed, catching fire, being abandoned and drifting ashore. Noel remembers German bombers straffing the crew as they abandoned ship into the lifeboats. STV came to do a feature which went out yesterday. if you didn't catch it there's a piece on the STV website

30 Aug. 3D lake Huron wrecks

Merrick 3d Shipwreck SONY & Intel - Project Shiphunt

State of the art imaging of the cold water wooden shipwrecks of Lake Huron - extremely impressive the way it has been set up

27 Aug. K Class subs, Firth of Forth

Sonar survey work for a wind farm reveals images of the K Class subs lost in the Battle of May Island

19 Aug. Lusitania op underway

The Lusitania investigation by ROV into the forward compartments is well underway. Documentary for National Geo to air next year.

Irish TV News clip,603.60.html

Mystery of Lusitania may finally be solved

Divers contracted by the owner of the Lusitania started cutting this week through the hull of the wreck to allow a ROV into the forward compartments to answer once and for all whether she was carrying munitions which detonated and caused the second reported blast. More at:

10 Aug. Lusitania

Diving operations underway on Lusitania for a Discovery Channel programme.


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