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10 May - Deeper into the Darkness nears publication

Just finished checking the final laid out proofs for Deeper into the Darkness and the new edition of Into the Abyss - Divign to Adventure in the Liquid World. Its been a long process, but the books are looking great.


I've been a bit slow with getting these done for my publishers with being away in Florida for TEKDiveUSA, but my work is now done (yeh!) and its over to them to do the rest. Publication may slip into June as a result.

2 May 2018. TEKDiveUSA Orlando

Just back from an awesome time at TEKDIveUSA's 3rd biannual conference. Presented about the wreck of HMS Hampshire and attended a series of lectures on both days, especially liked the wrecks of Guadalcanal and the medical lectures about such diving delights as immersion oedema, inwater recompression. 

13 April 2018. Deeper into the Darkness

The proofing of the 1st volume of the DIve Series, Into the Abyss - Diving to Adventure in the Liquid World is now finished and we are good to go for publication on 30 May to coincide with the release Vol III, Deeper into the Darkness.

31 March 2018. Whittles Dive Series

I am Editor for the new Whittles Dive Series of quality books on all aspects of diving, The 1st book in the Series was Underwater Potholer by Duncan Price.

The 2nd book Diving for Treasure by Vic Verlinden and Stefan Panis has just been published, a fascintating revelation from the depths!

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31 March 2018. Whittles Dive Series

The 2nd book in the Whittles Publishing Dive Series is now published. Diving for Treasure by Vic Verlinden & Stefan Panis.

26 Feb 2018. Deeper into the Darkness - Into the Abyss

Publication scheduled for May 2018.

12 January 2018. Vol I of the Diving Trilogy

To coincide with the release this Easter of Vol III of the diving trilogy Deeper into the Darkness we are re-issuing Into the Abyss - Diving to Adventure in the Liquid World as Vol I.

10 January 2018. Deeper Into The Darkness Cover reveal.

The Cover Reveal is now online - check it out here!

10 January 2018. Cover Reveal

A Cover Reveal for my new book will be posted to my YouTube wreck divign channel at 20000 UTC on Wednesday 10 January 2018. If you want to see what th enew book is about, check it out tomorrow!

San Francisco Maru - Truk Lagoon

I've added a video tour of one of Truk's oldest and most famous shipwrecks to my You Tube Channel. Link attached:

2 October 2017. Video of unidentified auxiliary sub chaser at Palau released


29 September 2017. Shipwrecks of Scapa Flow chart

Away to do a print run for my A1 Shipwrecks of Scapa Flow chart. If anyone wants one, please get in touch - cost is £45 + P&P.

28 September 2017. Aikoku Maru, Truk Lagoon, dive video released

A 20 minute video of diving the massive wreck of the passenger cargo liner Aikoku Maru in Truk Lagoon is released today.

Come dive it with me - here's the link†

3 August 2017. DEEP BLUE SCUBA, Edinburgh. Scapa Flow Shipwrecks

Looking forward to presenting about the Scapa Flow shipwrecks and HMS Hampshire to Deep Blue Scuba on their Club Night at The Mercat Bar, West Maitland Street, Edinburgh, on Thursday 3 August at 1830.


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