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TekDive USA 2018

Short video invitation for TekDive USA on 27-29 April 2018 in Florida

TekDive USA. 27-29 April 2018, Florida

Looking forward to presenting about the loss fo HMS Hampshire to a mine laid by U75 off NW Orkney in June 1916 at TekDive USA at the Wyndham Orlando International Drive Resort in Florida next April. Kilt perhaps??

The Jake seaplane wreck - Palau

This week's addition to my YouTube wreck diving channel is the Japanese Aichi E13A long range reconnaisance seaplane - Allied reporting name JAKE - which lies just outside Malakal Harbor, Palau.

Aichi E13A's were used throughout the Pacific War for coastal patrols and strikes against Allied transports - and near war's end for kamikaze missions.


5 June 2017. Dive Scapa Flow Centenary edition

The long awaited Centenary edition of Dive Scapa Flow is to be published in just a few weeks on 23 June.

Completely rewritten, it includes recently found wrecks and has new annotated wreck illustrations to show divers what they can expect to see. Cutting edge scans of the main wrecks by Prof Chris Rowland, the Director of the 3DVisLab at the University of Dundee are the most intricate and detailed scans of the Scapa Flow wrecks to date and are simply breathtaking. Some wonderful photography from MV Halton skipper Bob Anderson finishes the book off.

If you want a signed copy of the 1st Centenary print run for cost + P&P, get hold of me through the Contact page and I will get you squared away. 

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23 June 2017. Dive Scapa Flow Centenary edition is published

If you want a signed copy of the 1st print run of this fully updated and expanded Centenary edition please let me know via the Contact page

12 May 2017. Heian Maru, Truk Lagoon - new video added to my YouTube channel

20 minute video of diving and penetrating the largest diveable wreck in Truk Lagoon - the IJN Sixth Fleet submarine depot ship Heian Maru. Here's the link;



8 May 2017. IJN Oite, Truk Lagoon destroyer wreck video.

Short video of diving the WWII Janapese Navy destropyer wreck Oite in Truk Lagoon now uploaded to YouTube

4 May 2017. New wreck diving YouTube channel launched

Ive launched a YouTube wreck diving channel with shortvidoes of some of the wrecks I've dived in Truk, palau, Guadalcanal and Scapa Flow. Will add one a week when not diving.

Here's the link:

24 April 2017. Dive Scapa Flow

Publication scheduled for 28 May 2017 is delayed by one month. (See Blog for details).

13 Feb 2017. Dive Scapa Flow Centenary edition

Launch of the Centenary edition now set for Thursday 18 May 2017 in the lounge upstairs at Royal Hotel, Stromness.

12 Feb 2017. Dive Scapa Flow Centenary edition

The edit of the manuscript is now finished - the Ms is now with Whittles' designers for page layout.

13 Jan 2017. Dive Truk Lagoon

The 1st print run is sold out - reprint under way.

Dive Scapa Flow Centenary Edition

Publication date set for 28 April 2017.

Dive Scapa Flow - 100th anniversary 5th edition

To be released during 2017


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