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13 December 2018. New unidentified Japanese WWII tug wreck in Truk Lagoon

Here's the link to my video tour on my YouTube channel of this newly located and as yet unidentified Imperial Japanese Navy WWII tug wreck off Weno.


Just back from a couple of weeks diving the famous Japanese WWII wreck at Truk Lagoon in the Pacific, the world's greatest collection of Japanese wartime shipwrecks. It has been quite a long time since a new WWII wreck was located in the lagoon, but I was priviledged to be taken out by Truk Stop Dive Centre

30 October 2018. Des épaves du monde

Just back from a long weekend in Orkney filming with a french TV company about the Scapa Flow wrecks for a documentary series on shipwrecks around the world. These guys were hard core - they did The Big Blue with Jean Reno and have worked on Titanic - much respect! 

16 October 2018. Shipwrecks of Scapa Flow chart available again

A few years ago I had a unique A1 size full colour chart of Scapa Flow professionally created by the artist who has created all my shipwreck illustrations for me over the years, not just in Scapa Flow but also in Truk, Palau etc. The Scapa shipwreck illustrations were added to the chart in the correct locations with some text about the indivdual wrecks and the Scapa story as a whole. The resulting chart is stunning - and is currently on public display outside the Ferry Terminal in Stromness.

11/12 Aug. SS Creemuir weekend

Fine weekend of tech wreck diving on SS Creemuir 12 miles out on both Sat & Sunday. Vis is still ambient 20 metres down on the wreck at 70msw - could see it from 50msw and torches not really required. Coupled with the beautiful long neap slack water over the weekend conditions couldn't have been better. On the Saturday run out we went past six 10m minke whales in a loose pod and had dolphins bow riding us.

9 Aug. Scapa Flow

Just back from a few days up in Scapa Flow. The vis is a good 15-20 metres - conditions as good as they get. Coming up off a spectacular dive on the upturned German WWI battleship Markgraf as I ascended the downline even at just 15 metres I could see the hull stretching off for a long way to either side of me below.

29 July. The Darkness Below

My good friend and dive buddy Paul Haynes was in Sydney on business recently and walked into the local dive shop to find the owner halfway reading through the book with about 10 copies on the shelf. Paul is one of the main characters in the book - and the owner was amazed to turn to page 86 and see a photo of the chap standing in front of him. Small world really!

28/29 July. SS Fernside & SS Creemuir

Crackin weekend on the water. Saturday saw a dive on the SS Fernside in 60msw 4 miles off Stonehaven. Sunday was a 12 mile ride out to the WWII wreck SS Creemuir in 70msw. In our new big RIB at 30 knots we made it out in about 30 minutes! On both dives we had ambient 15 metres vis on the bottom - no torches needed. Got a good survey of the SS Creemuir wreck now so will be able to describe it more fully to the only remaining crewman from the sinking Noel Blacklock, who is still very interested in his old ship

6 July. Shipwrecks of Scapa Flow chart

Just finalised my new Shipwrecks of Scapa Flow chart which includes new illustrations of the Bayern turrets, Konig & James Barrie, not yet seen. Looks great and comes at A1 & A2 size. First print run for orders will be in 2-3 weeks.

A1 is £45 and A2 is £30.

If anyone wants to order contact me by e-mail. More details will go into the online Shop in due course.

17 May. New book, Great British Shipwrecks - A Personal Adventure

Just gone live on Amazon etc for pre-orders

Click Here.

14 May. Great British Shipwrecks - A Personal Adventure

That's the new book gone live on my publisher's website for pre-orders. Check it out at

Will be up on amazon etc shortly.

Open Dive Charters from Stonehaven now started

My business Haynes Macdonald Services (HMS for short) offers RYA Powerboat training, Dive Charters and RIB Experience/Sea Safari trips from Stonehaven. We've just set the first two weekends Open Dive Charters on wrecks that you may have read about in Into the Abyss or The Darkness Below. Details are in the News Section of this Site.

More information can be found at the company website

3 May. Great British Shipwrecks - A Personal Adventure

Here's a peak at the cover of the new book just finalised - will be out later in the summer. Many thanks to Barry McGill of for providing the stunning image of B turret, HMS Audacious in the north Channel off Malin Head.

Read more... [3 May. Great British Shipwrecks - A Personal Adventure]
10 November 2012. Scottish Dive Conference, Eyemouth

Rod will be talking about Shipwrecks at the SSAC Annual Dive COnference which this year is back in Eyemouth on 10 November. Come along - it's always a great day.

19 April. Scapa Flow

Just back from a week diving in Scapa Flow off the snappy MV Radiant Queen run by skippers Ben Wade & Emily Turton. If you haven't dived from this boat there, try it. As you emerge from the water and sit down on the benches fully kitted, as soon as you get your mask and hood off you get a pint of tea and one of Emily's home baked cakes stuck in your (sometimes still gloved) hands. The diver lift is fantastic as well.My dive buddy Paul Haynes was finishing off some Megaladon CCR training with them. Water is still a cool *C and the vis wasn't brilliant - but we had a grand old time on all the old favourites.

28 March. What is going on

Right, this is getting strange. Yesterday I was in shorts and T-shirt all day followed by a 60msw wreck dive last night in shimmery calm conditions 5 miles off the land. This is the north east of Scotland, not the Bahamas ....


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